Planting Tips

How to Plant a Sapling?
• Choose a place which is not having rocky and tree cover .
• Clear a planting site, ensure that there are no bushes and shrubs.
• Align, mark the planting points with a spacing of 3mts between plant to plant.
• Dig a pit of 60 X 60 X 60 cms size. (for loosening the hard soil, percolation of water, Easy penetration of root system & healthy growth of plants)
• Apply Folidol dust/Neem cake in the pit to control termites and other insects.
• Ensure that the red soil is available on need basis at the site (if required).
• Make sure the farm yard manure available at the site.
• Apply farm yard manure 0.50 cft in pit.
• Apply a basal dressing 20gm of Single Super Phosphate in pit.
• Mix the farmyard manure well with soil.
• Refill the soil mixture in the pit.
• Remove/ uncover the polythene bag without disturbing the ball of earth (around the base of saplings).
• Place the sapling in the pit by holding the bottom of the sapling.
• Plant the sampling in the pit.
• Cover the soil around the plant and make the root zone air tight.
• Watering to be done gently at the base.
protect the plants for (3) years for better survival.

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